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Nurses invest in public health, in our community and in themselves every day. They believe that caring for others is more than a job; it’s their calling.

Nurse Externship Program at
Lovelace Medical Center

Lovelace Medical Center is excited to offer this steppingstone as you begin your career! Working as a Nurse Extern will help you to develop knowledge and skills essential to safe nursing practice. If you are successful in the Nurse Extern role you will be guaranteed a position within the nurse residency program upon passing your NCLEX.

While working as a Nurse Extern you can work independently as a Patient Care Tech with an expanded scope that will allow you to practice foundational nursing skills. These skills will include IV starts, blood draws, and other line placement after you have been trained and demonstrated competency.

In order to support successful completion of your academic program you will only be required to work one day per week, or two days per pay period (two week timeframe). One day per pay period you will work with an RN on a Clinical Focus Shift. During the clinical focus shift you will work with a RN and participate in patient care while beginning to practice assessment skills and documentation.

Candidates are required to be in the last year of an accredited nursing program. Additional shifts, working as a Patient Care Tech, may be picked up as desired by the Extern. Nurse Externs may remain in the role for up to 4 months post-graduation.

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